Meet Bryce! Torch Bearer, KT Tape User

With the most amazing world-wide sporting event now in it's second week, we at KT Tape have Olympic Fever.  And we're excited to introduce you to another Olympics fan and KT Tape user who had the experience of running the Olympic torch.  Bryce McCormick, a native from Calgary, Alberta, was an honored torch bearer for the Vancouver march to the Olympics 2010. As a relay participant, Bryce has tons of insight and memories from this great experience.  Bryce suffers from shoulder and back pain and was worried about carrying the torch. He is a KT Tape believer and thought the relay was a huge success! Bryce, an accountant, applied through Coca Cola and was surprised to hear the good news in October that he would be an official torchbearer.  One of Bryce's fondest memories of the relay was, " the crowds cheering me on and the people who wanted their picture with me and my torch. Everyone was so enthusiastic.  I loved the relay itself, knowing I was one of 12,000 people who had the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch." Bryce's route was about 300 meters long and was in the small city outside of Calgary called Airdrie. Bryce's overall impression of the relay was "awesome, amazing and a  great once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Bryce chose to keep his torch as a remembrance of this occasion. After the run, varnish was applied to tip of torch to preserve the soot forever. He has been taking the torch to work, sharing with friends, sharing stories and taking pictures with the torch.  As far as the rest of the Olympics are concerned, Bryce is particularly interested in watching hockey, skiing, bobsled and curling. The U.S. and Canadian hockey teams have a great rivalry going and will be exciting to watch. Congratulations, Bryce, and well done!