Rebecca Rusch, Firefighter

KT Tape super athlete, Rebecca Rusch is one of the toughest humans out there.  She’s a 24-hour world solo Mountain bike champion three times over, two-time Leadville Trail 100 Champion and record holder, and she's fresh off her win at the UCI Masters World Championships.  And now has another medal to add to her collection.  When Rebecca isn’t training or racing, she spends her time serving with the Ketchum, ID Fire Department.  This past week Rebecca earned her official Ketchum Fire Department Badge.  This honor comes after serving with the fire department for five years.   Rebecca writes from her website: This week at our weekly fire department drill, the Chief singled me out and called me to the front of the group.  I was nervous that I’d done something wrong, but in reality, he was presenting me with my official Ketchum Fire Department badge.  Each member who has been on the department for 5 years in good standing earns a badge.  It’s super shiny and very official looking. It signifies 5 years of fire training, search and rescue, EMT and some really exciting emergency situations.  My work at the fire department is extra curricular activity and I have to squeeze it in around my bike racing, but I love the crazy, unpredictable work, the group of friends and the chance to do something for my community. This week I also started Engineer training for the Aerial Tower.  I’ve already taken engineering class for the “regular” fire trucks.  This class is to learn to drive and operate the Tower, which houses the 100 foot extending ladder.  The truck itself is over 46 ft long and weighs over 50,000 lbs.  It’s a monster and pretty complicated.  Class started last night and I start driving it today.  Stay clear if you live in Ketchum. We are thrilled for Rebecca for her accomplishment, the KFD is extremely lucky to have such a stand up gal as a part of their team. For more on Rebecca visit her website here.

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