Rebecca Rusch Returns from Down Under

KT Tape athlete and 24hr World Solo Mountain Bike Champ Rebecca Rusch is quite the all-star. She had an amazing winter training and racing in Argentina and showing screenings of the documentary about the Leadville Trail 100, "Race Across the Sky." While in Argentina, Rebecca logged many pre-season miles which have been paying early in her 2010 season.  Springtime in her hometown of Ketchum, ID has provided some inclement weather with snowy roads one day and 70 degree days the next. Rebecca says, "All my ski gear is officially put away, but the cold weather riding gear is not." Recently, Rebecca was in Australia enjoying some sun and making new friends. She was in Alice Springs, Australia for the Red Centre Enduro, a five-day stage race in the middle of the sandy, isolated Outback. Rebecca explains, "I have been to Australia many times, including a semester of college here a long time ago. I still remember my wonderment on the first trip as a college student. I was blown away to find that I could go 1/2 a world away and still find that people are generally the same, enjoy similar things and I assimilated easily into this place. I love the fact that most people here seem to absolutely love the outdoors and thrive on physical activity...I'm in the center of nowhere, Alice Springs. This place reminds me of Utah and Arizona with sandy red rock everywhere and desert type riding." Something else new with Rebecca is her monthly give-a-way on her website.  The contest is called ASK REBA! Ask away and you've entered yourself to win free gear. And she has invited her fans to come ride with her in Idaho. And of course, she continues to use KT Tape on her shoulder and neck to relieve soreness and prevent cramping. Ride on, Reba!

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