Rebecca's Ecuador Race Saved by KT Tape

From KT Tape Endurance Athlete Rebecca Rusch: -- It’s good to be back after an amazing experience in Ecuador. I had an awesome time! If you ever have a chance to travel to Ecuador – do it! I was there with my teammate Greg Martin for a the Vuelta al Cotopaxi, a two-day stage race that circles the Cotopaxi Volcano. It’s the most popular mountain bike race in the country. It usually sells out in less than an hour. Racing in teams of two, a maximum of 200 teams participate in the coed, women’s and men’s divisions all together. Each day is about 65 km of double track and single track racing and the entire race takes place between 3000 meters (9800 ft) and 4300 meters (14,100 ft). Last year, Greg and I were hit pretty hard by the altitude and placed 3rd in the coed category. And this year there were some really great mixed teams - including the fastest guy and girl in Ecuador! The high altitude was tough, even though we trained for it. Luckily Greg didn’t get sick this year, so we both rode pretty strong and didn’t have to do any pulling or pushing. Not getting any flats or losing our way helped a lot too.  I have no idea what I did to my shoulder, but I decided to err on the side of caution and taped it up for the race. KT Tape saved me once again! Greg and I finished both days about 25 minutes ahead of the next mixed team. So we ended up winning our division by about an hour! And we took 11th place overall. So many cool people and unforgettable views. And it’s always nice to win. KT Taped-up, Reba