Sponsored Athlete Caitlin Carter training to be a Olympic Skeleton Racer

In September 2012, I traveled to Lake Placid to complete the annual combine and compete in Push Championships (a contest on a dry land track to see who has the fastest start time). I scored 748 out of a possible 800 on the combine, and yes, I was helped out by KT Tape on that occasion because of a hip flexor issue. It has been a nagging issue for the last year, but I have had plenty of KT Tape to use thanks to your contribution! In Push Championships, I placed 3rd, matching my finish from last year. In October, I was 1 of 3 rookies invited to participate in US National Team Trials. After 4 races (2 in Lake Placid, NY, and 2 in Park City, UT) I was placed on the North American Cup race circuit. I was given a race in Whistler BC and 2 races in Lake Placid. I placed 9th in Whistler, and 4th and 5th in Lake Placid. At the end of the season, the US National Championships were held, and after 2 days of racing, I finished 5th. It was an exciting and productive season, as I got to train and race on two new tracks (Whistler and Park City). I am looking ahead to next season, and hoping I will once again be invited to Team Trials and can improve my standing so I can earn even more races on the North American Cup circuit or perhaps even jump up to the Europa Cup circuit. Thanks again for the support of KT Tape! Athletes never want to be injured, but when they are, it's nice to know they have a quick and convenient aid like KT Tape to help alleviate pain and promote healing. I've attached some photos from this past season of sliding. In the awards ceremony photo, I am the 2nd person from the left, and the photo with the Olympic rings was taken in Whistler. Thanks again! Caitlin Carter facebook.com/caitlin.carter.usa @_caitlincarter_ caitlincarterusa.wordpress.com

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