2020 Roundup of the Most Helpful Blogs for Volleyball

Ready to hit the court? Volleyball is a unique, fast-paced, and exciting sport with a devoted cadre of fans all around the world. But it's also not one of the biggest sports played around the world, which means that volleyball fans across the globe are often left hankering for more great content on the sport they love. So, we decided it's time to add something to the conversation. Whether you're a junior player who just got interested in the sport or an Olympic coach, here's a roundup of the most helpful blogs for volleyball in 2020.

Volleywood Based out of California (in case the name didn't give it away), Volleywood is the result of its founder's deep love of the sport. To hear him describe it, volleyball is an integral part of his life in California, serving as a social event, a chance to compete, a way to stay healthy, and the perfect opportunity to connect with other players. So, he created Volleywood, in order to share his love of the sport with others, help others see how great the sport truly is, and generate excitement for the sport online. Volleywood covers several different aspects of the sport, including:
  • News
  • Latest developments
  • Tournaments
  • Athletes
  • Results
  • Statistics
  • Images
The idea is simple: to create a volleyball community by giving volleyball players and fans a chance to connect and discover how unique the sport truly is. No matter where you are in the world or what your level of engagement is, Volleywood has something for you. Posts include everything from an app for open play volleyball to interviews with volleyball professionals around the world to volleyball tips for ardent players dedicated to learning and improving.

VolleyCountry In the words of the VolleyCountry team, they're a group of 20 volleyball enthusiasts working around the clock to make VolleyCountry the best volleyball site in the universe. No meager goal, but then, in 16 years, VolleyCountry has never been one to aim for the net. With that goal in mind, VolleyCountry aims to serve as a complete resource for all things volleyball. To that end, they've got a little bit of everything for almost anyone looking for volleyball information. They've got a collection of pieces on volleyball history (complete with old photos to inspire nostalgia), but they also offer an in-depth exploration of the sport itself. This includes a breakdown of the rules, comprehensive equipment guides, and more. The whole site is neatly divided into five sections: News, Training, Players, Beach, and Blog so that you can easily find whatever content you happen to be looking for. They offer content on volleyball all across the world, so no matter where you happen to follow volleyball, you can find content that suits your needs. And whether you're a brand new player or a seasoned pro, you can find a piece that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Volleyballmag.com Looking for a volleyball resource with decades of background covering the sport? Look no further than VolleyballMag. The site was originally Volleyball Magazine, a print publication that ran for nearly four decades, but when Ed Chan and Lee Feinswog took over the helm in 2016, they launched the new VolleyballMag.com and transitioned to a completely digital platform. It was a bold move, given the age and establishment of the print magazine, but it also freed up the publication to do something that was never before possible: cover the sport on all fronts, at all times. VolleyballMag is a great site because it features work by some of the few mainstream professional sports writers dedicated to volleyball (Feinswog, one of the leaders of the magazine, is one of them). Because of this, you'll find professional-quality sports writing on the sport that's hard to find elsewhere. You'll find coverage on everything from professional volleyball as a whole to NCAA women's volleyball to high school volleyball, all represented under the auspices of professional sports writing. It's a breath of fresh air for those who want more mainstream-style sports coverage of their favorite sport.

FIVB: International Volleyball Federation Okay, technically this isn't a blog per se, but if you're looking for the best international volleyball coverage on the market, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) is the place to be The FIVB is the governing body responsible for all forms of volleyball at the global level and works closely with national federations and private enterprises to promote volleyball as a major global sport. It is part of the Olympic Movement and contributes to volleyball's presence and planning at the Olympic Games. Turn to FIVB for all the major global news on volleyball, including coverage on all the major national volleyball teams and big-name professional players around the world. FIVB's aim is to grow the game and further the sport as a whole, and it shows through in their features. It's also a great place to find volleyball coverage. The site offers a calendar of upcoming international games, as well as links to the relevant websites. You'll also find international rankings in six categories, major volleyball competitions over the last several years, and international volleyball regulations and forms. Oh, and they even have a section on snow volleyball. How often do you get to read about snow volleyball? It does all our cold-weather volleyball hearts some good.

The Art of Coaching Volleyball The Art of Coaching Volleyball is a huge blog dedicated to...well, the art of coaching volleyball. It's the brainchild of Russ Rose, John Dunning and Terry Liskevych, who met in the 1970s, became volleyball coaches, slowly but surely fell in love with the sport (and became volleyball legends in the process). Russ has more wins and titles than any other coach in women's Division 1 volleyball history. Liskevych coached the USA women's volleyball team through three Olympics before reentering the college volleyball game, while Dunning won five national titles as head coach at Stanford before retiring. Suffice to say, these guys know what they're talking about. The Art of Coaching Volleyball came about when the Rose, Dunning, and Liskevych started floating the idea of coaching clinics and created a website to provide resources allowing coaches to improve their teams. Today, the site is a sleek, comprehensive digital handbook covering any topic coaches can think of (and more than a few you can't). If you have a question related to volleyball, chances are, they've got content about it. Plus, in keeping with their initial concept of coaching clinics, the site continues to offer online clinics and training resources for coaches all across the United States.

Junior Volleyball Association Blog The Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) is the only national volleyball association 100% focused on the needs of junior volleyball clubs. They know that the all-star players of tomorrow start their careers playing their hearts out in junior clubs, and they firmly believe that every player should have access to a rewarding junior volleyball experience. Their blog is one branch of the many resources the JVA offers to junior volleyball clubs. Like the association itself, the blog is designed with the needs of junior volleyball clubs, players, coaches, and communities in mind. Their posts cover topics including:
  • News
  • Club directors
  • Coaches
  • Beach volleyball
  • Training
  • Awards
  • Volleyball culture
  • Events
  • Parents
  • Recruiting
  • Travel
If it applies to junior volleyball, you can find it on JVA's blog. This makes it a great resource for younger volleyball players and their coaches to find content that's immediately applicable to them. They also regularly offer features to help volleyball clubs navigate the changing game environment, including posts on maintaining safe operations during COVID-19, sample training calendars, and features on outstanding volleyball clubs and businesses that other teams, clubs, and private volleyball organizations can learn from.

Volleyball 1 on 1 Volleyball 1 on 1's tagline is "What Great Looks Like", and their content certainly reflects that philosophy. Founded in 2009, the site is the first to offer summer training camps for high school volleyball coaches and is endorsed by the AVCA. Because of this, the site focuses heavily on resources for high school volleyball coaches and their teams. The site's blog offers a variety of features relevant to high school coaches, but where the site stands out is its resources to apply volleyball coaching to help players thrive off the court. It asks coaches to stop and think about how they coach and how they can use volleyball as a learning opportunity for their players, rather than just a fun game.

Team USA Volleyball Want to learn more about Team USA volleyball? Why not go straight to the source? USA Volleyball is the national governing body for the sport of volleyball in the United States and is recognized by the FIVB, the United States Olympic Committee, and the United States Paralympic Committee. Similar to FIVB, its goal is to inspire a passion for the sport across the country and foster the continued success of the USA national and Olympic teams. It's a great site for volleyball enthusiasts because it actually offers a variety of resources. There's Karch Kiraly's Volleyblog, a fun and accessible resource to make you think deeply about the sport. But there's also the Grow the Game blog and the collection of volleyball tips. This is a site that promotes volleyball, not just as a game but as a lifelong passion, and it's a great resource for athletes to spend quality time with the sport they love on a deeper level. Whether you're a young player, a coach looking to inspire young players, or an adult player who wants to stay up-to-date with the sport, there's something here for everyone to enjoy.

The Beach Volleyball Blog We couldn't get through a volleyball blog roundup without a shoutout to beach volleyball. For those with a deep love of volleyball in the sand, the Beach Volleyball Blog is your new favorite blog. The nice thing about this blog is that it's run by an ordinary person named Greg who rediscovered his love of volleyball after a long absence. He decided that the amazing athlete stories and the drama that unfolds in each game ought to be shared with the world. So, he created a volleyball blog as a home for his passion project. This also means that you get a view on volleyball from a totally ordinary person. Greg isn't a coach or a professional player. He's not part of FIVB, and he's not a member of the media. He's just a regular fan who really loves volleyball and wants to offer a forum to share his love of the game with others, and for others to share their own passion for volleyball. Because of this, The Beach Volleyball Blog is a simple blog, clearly made by a regular dude. But this also makes it accessible for other regular fans. Plus, this gives the blog a refreshing perspective on issues prevalent to the sport right now. This means you get a little bit of everything from beach volleyball news updates to opinion pieces on the latest trends and hot topics in volleyball.

American Volleyball Coaches Association The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) is an association designed to further the sport of volleyball with AVCA coaches at the epicenter of change. In their vision, AVCA coaches serve as an epicenter of leadership, professional development, and advocacy for volleyball as a whole. The nice thing about AVCA is that it serves coaches at all levels, from club youth coaches to Olympic coaches. This makes their blog a fantastic resource for all things connected to coaching volleyball, from recent developments in the sport across the country to inspiring stories from volleyball coaches.
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