Add color to your running shoes with KT Tape

Here's a great idea from KT Taper Elif C that we thought we'd pass on. She writes: "For the last Disneyland Half Marathon I wanted yellow Minnie shoes to go with my running costume but didn't want to spray paint my brand new shoes.  I brainstormed for a good while before I found the most perfect solution: as I was using yellow KT Tape on my knee it hit me and I taped my shoes. Worked like a charm. It breathes and  doesn't leave any residue on your shoes. with so many colors to choose from you can match your shoes to virtually any running costume. Its perfect!! I posted pictures on Facebook for my running friends to try out too and  everyone loves it. LOVE KT Tape!!!" If you've used KT Tape in a non traditional way we'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let us know how you used it. thx