Climbing to the Top

Enjoy pushing your body to the limit?  Climbing is an activity that will take your mind and body to the edge literally and figuratively speaking.   The following is an excerpt from Body Results. Technical rock and ice climbers require good flexibility in the hips, shoulders, and core muscles in order to negotiate wide stems, twisting overhangs, and high mantels. Technical climbers should develop core, upper and lower body strength for vertical travel with and without a pack. Anaerobic conditioning also is an important component in the technical climber's program, increasing in importance as the climber develops more advanced skills. Training for rock and ice climbing is usually going to involve a combination of training for specific fitness qualities, doing sport specific outings and practicing sport required skill elements. There are five major fitness qualities your general training should focus on for rock and ice climbing. Those qualities are: * Aerobic Endurance
* Anaerobic Endurance
* Upper Body Strength
* Lower Body Strength
* Flexibility
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