Five Tips for Defensive Running

Running can be a lot like driving.  Accidents happen all the time to runners and many of them are often preventable.  Here are five helpful reminders to abide by to make your run safer and more enjoyable.
  • Look both ways.  They teach this to you in preschool, so it seems like it should be second nature-- but it is always important.  While running in town, be aware of traffic and always look for vehicles when crossing the street.
  • Check your blind spot.  When making a turn check over your shoulder in the direction you’re turning to make sure you’re clear of any bicycles or other runners.
  • Keep your music down.  While your favorite song may help keep you pumped as you run, don’t have the music so loud you can’t hear what’s happening around you.  This is especially important when running in the city.  It's a good idea to run with just one music ear-bud in...and leave the other one free of music so you can be more alert to approaching traffic.
  • Give a friendly shout out.  When passing someone from behind along a narrow trail or sidewalk give a friendly “on your left” so they know you are coming.
  • Stay in your lane.  Try to stay to the right when running.  Be considerate and don’t take up the entire trail or sidewalk by running in the middle of it.  This makes it easier and safer for bicycles and other runners to pass.
  • Avoid awkward and potentially injury-causing running collisions with these simple tips.  Accidents do happen, though, and if you should find yourself with a rolled ankle or strained calf, look to KT Tape for your pain relief.  Our flexible cotton athletic tape moves with you so you can get back out on the road running. For taping instructions click here.