Foot Pain on the Treadmill

Foot Pain from Treadmill Running Since KT Tape is a year-round product, it's a great tool to take with you when the seasons change.  And as you switch your workout routine from fall to winter activities, there are some fitness safety tips you may want to keep in mind. With the weather changing to winter many of our favorite trails and running routes are covered in mud or ice, making some of us head inside to run on a treadmill. Many athletes supplement their training routine with time on the treadmill.  From bad weather to wanting a more controlled environment, the reasons for logging your miles in the gym instead of on the road are as varied as the people you see trotting along in place.  But just because you're inside doesn't mean you're immune to injury or pain.  Many runners experience foot pain from treadmill running.  And, as it turns out, there's a long list of causes you may need to tick off before you find relief.  For some, the answer may be to think like a skier: "Often, when athletes ski in icy conditions, they find that their entire body gets tense, most of all their feet. They usually find that they are trying to hold on to the slope by gripping the bottom of their ski boots with their toes. Once they feel their toes and feet beginning to ache, they can usually reduce the aching sensation by focusing on good form and doing a relaxation-check. This check is a mental check list with a physical link. Mentally go from head to toe and very consciously remove the tension from each body part, beginning at the forehead, then face, neck, shoulders, upper back and then on down through the feet." --From Solving Foot Pain From Treadmill Running by Gale Bernhardt, 2004 USA Triathlon Olympic Coach According to Gale, other causes can include too much speed, too much or not enough incline, and ill-fitting shoes, either at the gym or in your everyday life.  Check out her advice at on solving these problems, and make your next treadmill run pain-free.

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