For Archers, Practice Makes Perfect--But Not Without Soreness

It takes some time to become a good archer.  Proper practice will always pay off.  You can't become a virtuoso in playing a violin in an afternoon and it is the same thing with archery. It is a very competitive sport and you can take it to any level you like, even the Olympics. For many people of all athletic ability levels in many places around the globe, it's a recreational pursuit that lasts a lifetime! When you first pick up a bow, notch your arrow and pull back the string, the strength required to do so may surprise you.  Of course with the pulley system technology out there today, you will be able to find your initial comfort zone without throwing out the shoulder.  Regardless, you will experience soreness until the muscles in your arm, shoulder and core become accustomed to the action required to pull back the string.  One solution is KT Tape. KT Tape is highly effective at providing pain relief, stability & support, & faster recovery for injured or sore muscles and joints-without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.  When it comes to archery, you will need relief from sore muscles and without question, need to maintain your freedom in motion.  Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape is your solution.  To find taping techniques applicable to shoulder, back and neck soreness, check out

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