Get on up!

High jumpers pay heed!  Your event is placing an incredible amount of stress on your plant leg, back and mind.  Of course this drive for the sky comes with a price.
According to, the following strains and injuries are entwined with this leap over the bar.
  • Muscle or tendon strain (including hamstring injuries), sprain, or fracture from awkward foot placement during running or takeoff, or from insufficient warm-up
  • A hit from a dislodged bar in the high jump or foreign object in the long jump, either during flight or landing
  • Sprains, fractures, or contusions from improper landing
  • Blisters, shinsplints, or sprains from poor footwear
When it comes to muscle or tendon sprains, shinsplints and soreness, the high jumper will want to recover as quickly as he can to continue the tedious climb of inches.  According to experts, one of the best products available with the capacity to accomplish this goal is KT Tape.   Jumpers--if you want to see how to tape for injuries commonly occurring in your sport, go to to watch how-to videos.

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