Ironman Athletes Race Over 140 Miles With KT Tape

The second-ever St. George Ironman kicked off last week, and KT Tape was a major player for many of the Ironman athletes there!  Dr. Jacob Luce of Luce Chiropractic and Dr. Tom Fletcher were two of the sports medicine doctors that treated athletes leading up to the race. The winners of the 2011 St. George Ironman winner battled fiercely through high temperatures and a difficult course.  The winner for the men came down to the last mile of the race- with Mathias Hecht (8:32:03) followed closely by Maik Twelsiek who finished less than two minutes behind (8:33:46).  Hecht’s finishing time set a new course record by over eight minutes. For the women, Heather Wurtele won her second St. George Ironman (she also won in 2010) with a margin of more than 35 minutes over second place Jackie Arendt (10:06:36).  Despite the heat Wurtele set a new course record with a time of 9:30:33. Dr. Luce and Dr. Fletcher were onsite the week leading up to race to treat athletes preparing to compete.  This year the field had 1500 athletes, and the most popular triathlete injuries taped were: 1. Knee/IT band syndrome 2. Ankle 3. Hamstring 4. Low back 5. Shoulder Click on the links above to view taping instructions for each of these applications.  To view more pictures of athletes taped at the St. George Ironman, visit the KT Tape Facebook page. To view race results for the 2011 St. George Ironman, click here.

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