Legendary Boston Marathon Advice

KT Tape will be in Boston this year for the world's oldest and most prestigious annual marathon.  Beginning in 1897, the Boston Marathon is cited as one of the premier and most sought-after marathons in the country. With more than 20,000 runners gearing up for the 121st race on April 17th, KT Tape will be on site, taping up thousands of eager runners needing some extra support and pain relief for sore muscles and joints. Since the Boston Marathon is widely considered the Superbowl of all races, we thought we'd outline some advice for first time runners in Boston. We found a great article with advise from experts. This one in Boston.com interviews  Bill Rodgers, and his advice to runners prepping for the Boston Marathon.  Bill Rodgers is a legend in the long distance running community and has won the Boston Marathon four times.  Outlined below are tid-bits of advice from the Boston.com interview. 1. "Don't go crazy" with your diet before the marathon, Rodgers said. "It's not the Last Supper." He usually eats a moderate size portion of spaghetti the night before with toast as a pre-race meal in the morning. 2. Rodgers recommends sipping on a bottle of water in the hour or two before the race and if the weather is warm, drink more.  But, "don't drink seven gallons of water; you're not a camel," Rodgers laughs. 3. "If you feel really confident in your shoes, that will make a big impact," Rodgers said. Wearing the same shoes you trained in is important and you'll know what the shoes feel like. 4. Rodgers warns first-time runners to avoid going too fast in the beginning of the race since it is downhill. "Hold back! Wait it out to Wellesley, and then if you think you can catch up with the top runners, go for it!" he said. "Run within your capabilities." 5. It is important to run in the race at the same pace you've trained at. "In training, you learn what your pace feels like--try to keep that pace," Rodgers insists. Monitor splits with a watch and check mile clocks during the race. 6. Rodgers recommends running the race with a friend or family member, "It's an intense sport, tough to do on your own. There really is strength in numbers." 7. If the weather turns sour this upcoming Boston marathon, it is important to stay warm before the race. Wearing a wool hat and warm clothes in the beginning that you can shed during the race is important. Also, if the weather is really bad, enlist family and friends to provide dry clothes along the course. 8. After the race, "on a cellular level, your muscles are really beat up," Rodgers said. Head for the pool to loosen them up, skip running and get a massage and celebrate your accomplishment. For a complete list of Bill Rodgers' advice on the Boston Marathon click here. And we have a bit of advice to offer too--so come see us at the race Expo if you want some more suggestions or if you want to get taped up before the big event!  Good luck and we'll see you there!