Let's Dance!

Competitive Dance is a demanding sport requiring endurance, vigor, and flexibility.  Competitive ballroom dancing is formally known as dancesport, where couples are judged based on speed, elegance, body action, and dramatic movements.  Age divisions start at nine years old and extend to a 50 and over category.  Performances must include various styles from the tango and waltz, to the cha cha and samba. The health benefits of dancesport are impressive and according to Dr. Velazquez, a writer for ehow.com"ballroom dancing is known to raise heart rate, burn calories, and tone every muscle in the body. People who share time, laughter, and thoughts together are more likely to have lower rates of illness and even death. By losing weight, eating healthy foods, and increasing activity people can live a healthier life." The stage for dancesport continues to grow and at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival, a youth and collegiate dancesport competition took place.  KT Tape had a presence at this event and will certainly prove to be very useful to those in the dancesport world due to the product's elasticity and proven track record in providing relief and support for muscles and joints.  We had a number of dancesport enthusiasts come by the booth to learn about taping for injury recovery elevated performance as they train and compete.  We're looking forward to seeing more and more dancers taping up!

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