Marine Corps Marathon Training Tips

At KT Tape, we love the Marine Corps Marathon and Event Series.  It is basically an entire year of runs and events leading up to the main event--the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  This past October we attended the Health and Fitness Expo and taped up athletes before the race.  We can’t wait until next year.    Fortunately, we don't have to wait to be part of the Marine Corps action.  The Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon is December 15th!   The Marine Corps Marathon website is one of our favorite race websites out there.  We love the training tips offered.  MCM has compiled a list of some of the best athletes associated with the MCM and their specific training tips.  There is also an interactive Online Trainer to help guide you towards your goal and have the best marathon possible.  With the variety of tips offered there is sure to be some thing that will work for you.