The Equestrian Angle

Horses are beautiful and powerful animals.  When a human being is added to the equation with obstacles, the end result is Equestrian.  Though the sport may look fluid and graceful, back pain is a common complaint by riders.  Wanda Marie Thibodeaux, an eHow contributing writer, explains why this is the case. When on a horse, a rider is subjected to a lot of bouncing, which puts pressure on the spinal discs. Normally, this pressure is minimized by keeping the back flat and sitting up as straight as possible in the saddle. Sometimes riders keep their back arched as they lean back, while others slouch forward. At this improper angle, the spine takes more of a beating, and over time, pain can result from irritation and degeneration of the discs and surrounding tissues. KT Tape provides support and relieves tension on affected muscles in the lower back, allowing muscles to relax and work in a more natural way without placing additional stress on other muscle groups. Relief is generally felt immediately and allows muscles to recover more rapidly.  Get out there and get your gitty up!