Tips for Staying Safe While Running After Dark

The winter days are short, and whether you are running in the early morning or after work, it’s important to stay safe while running in the dark.  Running in the dark can be a bit tricky, but you just have to be smart about it.  While winter running tips generally focus on how to stay warm and protected from the weather, these are focused on how to stay safe and seen in the dark.
  • Be seen: this is the most important.  Wear light colored clothing and some sort of reflective gear.  You can also clip two flashing bicycle lights to your waistband or jacket for added visibility.  Remember that even though you may see a car, the driver might not see you. If you're in a state where the weather is warm and you have exposed legs and arms, you can opt for the white or gold colored KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic athletic tape instead of some of the darker colors.  The light colors will help with visibility.
  • Run smart.  Run in groups or pairs when you can.  There’s safety in numbers.  Tell someone or leave a note about where  you are going, how long you expect to be gone and your running route.   The route should be one that you are comfortable with during the summertime, so that you know what to expect in the winter as well.  Look for a route that has plenty of room and is well lit.
  • Be aware.  Don’t use headphones, since they can reduce your reaction time and distract you from sounds of danger.  Cross intersections with caution and always look both ways.  Wear a headlamp or carry a small flashlight to light the way.  Be on the lookout for roots, bad sidewalks and potholes.
  • By following these simple tips you can have an enjoyable workout during the long, dark winter months.

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