Tips to Avoid Injury this Tri-Season

Triathlon season is well under way! If you are finding yourself mid-way through a  tri-training program or about to start, we've outlined some great tips from by writer Scott Berlinger to avoid injuries. Trying to avoid injury is always the best bet, but more often then not some nagging pain or minor injury will sneak up on you. That is why it is important to keep KT Tape handy to treat overworked and tired muscles, tendons and joints and provide drug-free pain relief. Also follow these great tips. Here is a brief overview from "9 Tips to Avoid Injuries All Season Long" from Active.Com. 1. Pay attention to your equipment: The two most important pieces of equipment to pay attention to are your bike and running shoes. Be consistent in checking your tires air pressure and break pads regularly. Don't forget to buy new shoes after 400 miles or every three to four months. Flat shoes are bad news for knees, backs and hips. 2. Strength train during season: Running, swimming and biking primarily uses quads, gluts, core, pecs, back and triceps so to avoid injury it is important to strength train all of these major muscle groups. This will help to keep muscles balances in the body and keeping those muscles strong will the pounding of the joints. 3. Try an ice bath: Ice baths are painful, but really beneficial to muscles to reduce swelling, recovery and healing. Try to bathe in ice after every long workout. We hope everyone is enjoying their routine in training and finding it enjoyable. Stay safe and read the rest of Berlinger's tips here.

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