Yoga Versus Pilates - Which One is Right For You?

Yoga Versus Pilates - Which One is Right For You?

Both Yoga and Pilates are great workouts for overall body conditioning, especially for strengthening the “core” – those muscles that can be the key to better posture, less back pain and a variety of other health benefits.  Both workouts improve flexibility and muscle tone. But which workout will work best for you? 

It may have more to do with your personality than with your fitness needs. “If you’'re seeking inner tranquility and fitness, yoga is for you. If you want to condition the body sans spirituality, then Pilates is your workout. If they sound equally appealing, do both!

Yoga and Pilates complement each other well: strengthen your Powerhouse in Pilates, and see your poses improve in yoga. Learn to quiet the mind in your yoga practice, and utilize this technique to enjoy a more peaceful, rewarding Pilates class.”

For an in-depth look at both workouts, including the basic principles, health benefits, plus several great at-home workouts, check out this article on WebMD.

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