Yogaslackers Defy Grafity at First-Ever Teacher Training

YogaSlackers’ Adi Carter rocks a purple KT Tape shoulder application during a day climb at the first stop of a cross country tour out to the YogaSlackers Teacher Training near San Diego, CA.  Check out the account of their daring acrobatics, superb slacklining and even an adventure race as part of the 10-day training:   First Ever YogaSlackers Teacher Training: 23 New Jedi Ninja Warriors Ready to Unleash the Force… Some thought it could never be done.  Others questioned what we would teach and why?  But despite the non-believers, YogaSlackers went forth and delivered the first ever official teacher training, probably one of the most vigorous and diversified out there, with great success. This marked the first time that all of the original YogaSlackers from across the country were in attendance to share their stories, skills, and craziness in the same place and same time and witness the transformation of the next generation of slackers into jedi ninja warriors of balance, acro and adventure skills.  And get ready… as the next generation of YS teachers are fierce, super fierce!
The 10 day training offered students a vigorous schedule of yoga, slacklining, daily conditioning (Harder, Faster, Stronger anyone?), advanced acrobatics drills and partner work. With our friend Stacey holding it down in the kitchen and offering super nutritious meals and snacks, we were all able to go strong through the 15 hr days of training, conditioning and practice teaching, oh yeah, and doing a 7 hour adventure race including mountain biking, trekking and rappelling through a really fun course taking us to Mexico and back. The adventure race experience was offered about half way through (when most trainings probably would have offered a rest day) and everyone rocked it- perhaps in part due to the 40 minutes of hardcore YogaSlackers unique conditioning circuits every day indoors and on the slacklines.
To read more about the YogaSlackers’ acrobatics and a complete account of the new teacher training, visit the YogaSlackers Blog.  Photo Credits: Ryan Martin.

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