Ankle Strain for Olympian

Olympic medalist Bode Miller is set to compete in all five Alpine events this year including the super-combined, super-G, giant slalom, downhill and slalom.
This jam-packed schedule is somewhat of a surprise considering that Bode skipped summer training while he considered retirement. On top of that, Bode managed to injure his ankle while playing volleyball with his U.S. Ski teammates in December.
While it looks like Bode has recovered enough to continue with his busy Olympic agenda, we here at KT Tape hope he’s taking good care of that ankle sprain.
Here’s some info from the KT Tape website on ankle sprains:
  • Ankle sprain is an injury of ligaments, usually on the outside of the ankle. Severity is evaluated if the ligament is stretched, partially torn, or completely torn, as well as by the number of ligaments affected.
  • Ankle sprains occur when the foot twists or rolls beyond its normal range of motion. You can sprain your ankle if the foot is planted unevenly on a surface, beyond the normal force of stepping. This causes the ligaments to stretch beyond their normal range in an abnormal position. Sprains are rated into 3 levels by the severity of sprain: Grade I is a strain or stretch of the ligaments; Grade II is a tear of the ligaments; Grade III is a complete tear of a ligament.
KT Tape is used as a flexible support to the ankle. It does not immobilize the joint but provides support and pain relief for grade I sprains. Unlike traditional ankle braces, KT Tape provides a light support that is very comfortable and allows you to have a greater range of motion. KT Tape can be used as part of the recovery process for more serious sprains, but only after the ankle has recovered enough that it can have some movement without aggravating the sprain. Click here to view the instructional video on how to tape for ankle sprains.

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