Knee Pain?  Try This New KT Tape Application!

Knee Pain? Try This New KT Tape Application!

If you have been to any of the KT Tape Taping Stations at sporting events across the country lately, you have probably seen us use this KT Tape knee application.  It is quickly growing to be a team favorite with great results for all who try it! This application may look relatively simple, but it is actually doing much more than initially meets the eye.  

Here are a few further details on how KT Tape works on your knee:


Use this application to help relieve symptoms and prevent further injury from issues involving the ACL, LCL, MCL, lateral or medial meniscus, patella tendon, muscle weakness or imbalance, or for general knee pain associated with arthritis or tendinopathy.


  • Strip One: The application starts with a half strip applied in a manner that takes pressure off of the patella tendon, the tendon that runs from the patella to the tibial tuberosity (bump on front of lower leg below the kneecap). Stretch across the middle of this strip creates a lifting effect where it is applied due to the rebounding of the tape once applied. The result is decreased inflammation due to reducing friction and increasing fluid flow. This effect is especially important for those with patellar tendonitis, or runner’s knee.
  • Strips Two & Three: After laying the ends of the first strip down with no stretch, we continue with the two vertical strips. These strips not only help the patella (kneecap) to track correctly by gently discouraging lateral and medial (sideways) movement, but also engage the quadriceps muscles to help stabilize the knee complex. Apply these strips above the knee with 10-20% stretch until we reach the patella. At the patella, begin with 50-70% stretch as you again cross underneath the patella and further reduce pressure across the patella tendon, amplifying the effect of the half strip. After crossing the patella tendon, we again lay the ends down with no stretch.
  • Video Instructions: To view step-by-step video instructions on this full-knee kinesiology taping guide, please view our video here.

Finished full-knee support taping

This all results in an application that creates great stability for the entire knee complex.  For further questions and information, visit the KT Tape facebook page.

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