Not Just For Sports Injuries: Rib Pain Remedy

We love hearing from our fans about how KT Tape helped them stay active and pain-free despite injury.  This story from Hugo in Texas about KT Tape as a remedy for rib pain was particularly inspiring.  If you’ve been to the KT Tape Rib Pain page, you’ll know that the body has twelve sets of ribs that go from near the neck down almost to the hip bones. They wrap around the torso to protect and contain the lungs and the heart, along with many other vital organs. There are muscles in between each rib that hold each in place, maintain spacing, and allow for expansion in order to breathe. Ribs can become bruised, broken, separated, and the muscles can be pulled or torn. Broken or fractured ribs cannot be put into a cast or immobilized like other bones of the body and can cause a great deal of pain due their role in the necessary act of breathing. KT Tape can be helpful in relieving pain and partially stabilizing the muscles and bones. Read below for Hugo’s experience on how KT Tape helped him manage his rib pain: I am a 27 yr old male in good shape (I think).  I recently was involved in a car accident that caused some broken and bruised ribs. I was on the passenger side of my friend's car coming back from the gym when a guy runs a red light and T BONES us dead center of the car. I took the whole impact and now I am recovering from multiple broken ribs. And to top it off, a few days later from the accident I took a fall and tore muscle fibers on my oblique (same side as my fractured ribs). Imagine the PAIN I was in! That’s when I had a picture in my head of the joggers and bike riders I would encounter on my morning jogs. I would see these elastic bands stuck and contoured to a body part for support. I bought a couple of rolls and went through the tutorials. IMMEDIATELY after applying I felt relief. I recently started going back to the gym to get back on track and yes, I was asked "what is that stuff?" I told my fellow gym goers, KT TAPE, and explained how GREAT of a product it was and they knew how fast I was recovering. Now KT TAPE is part of our gym and I see multiple people wearing this amazing product when they over-train a muscle. Every now and then I get a nod & a smile from my gym buddies while wearing KT TAPE as if they were saying "thanks for introducing this GREAT product to me". Thanks KT TAPE for aiding me in a fast recovery from a traumatizing accident. Thanks for sharing with us, Hugo!  To view the taping instructions for KT Tape Rib Pain, click here

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