Plantar Pain? Try this NEW KT Tape Application!

Welcome to a brand NEW KT Tape Application- not available anywhere else except here on the blog and on our Facebook Fan Page! What Are Common Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a common condition in athletes and non-athletes alike, affecting approximately two million Americans each year. This condition is characterized by medial or midline heel pain in the instep and ranges from sharp, achy and burning, to stabbing. It is usually worst in the mornings on the first few steps and improves with activity, although prolonged activity like standing can also provoke pain.    How Does KT Tape Work for Plantar Fasciitis? KT Taping in particular has shown to dramatically reduce pain and prevent compensation injuries. The proprioceptive lift on the plantar fascia approximates the tissue and returns the affected anatomy to a more natural state. Studies support the theory that the surface sensation also appears to increase blood flow and therefore reduce inflammation. Whatever the mechanism of pain reduction, the decreased pain allows the athlete and non-athlete alike to avoid limping or other movements associated with pain compensation that often lead to additional problems in the biomechanical chain. Addressing the issue with KT Taping in combination with the above techniques is highly recommended.  For more information on plantar fasciitis by KT Tape provider and Airrosti clinician Dr. Billy Kuykendall, DC, click here.   Let us know what you think of this NEW application by leaving your comments here on the blog or by posting on our Facebook page!