Shin Splints-Causes and Cures

Shin Splints – Causes and Cures Shin Splints are one of the most common causes of leg pain in runners.  As a result, they affect athletes in just about every sport that requires a lot of running – such as soccer, rugby and basketball.  The causes vary widely – some include stiff calf muscles, overdeveloped calf muscles, harsh running surfaces, excessive pronation (feet that roll “out”) and wearing the wrong shoes.  But treating this painful condition may be as easy as getting a head start on your training. “Preseason conditioning may be the most effective measure in prevention, with a focus on building a solid base of flexibility and strength. Pay special attention to flexibility in the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calf. Strengthening the ankle dorsiflexor muscles (the muscles responsible for tilting the foot up at the ankle) will help to balance the muscles on the tibia. Preventing pronation of the feet through the use of arch-supporting insoles can also help.” --Michael Ross, M.D. Sports Medicine for Dr. Ross has many more tips on preventing shin splints, including information on how calcium supplements and deep water running can help ease and prevent symptoms to flair up. Since shin splints are so common, KT Tape has been a life-saver for many to find relief and pave a path for a speedy shin splint recovery.