Shoulder Pain? Sneak Peek at NEW KT Tape Application!

Welcome to the sneak peek preview of one of KT Tape’s newest applications: Scapular Stability.  You may have seen the KT Tape Team use this application at one of our KT Tape Taping Stations at sporting events across the country lately.  It is quickly growing to be a team favorite with great results for all who try it!  Here are a few further details on how KT Tape works in this application to provide scapular stability:  Where Do I Apply KT Tape for Shoulder Instability? The scapular stability application is applied in relation to three specific landmarks: acromion (bump on the shoulder), inferior angle of the scapula (bottom of the shoulder blade), and the point on the spine that you reach if you drew a line through the first two. These landmarks identify where the muscles are that help to control the scapula, or the shoulder blade. Why Does Scapular Instability Occur? Many shoulder injuries can be traced to muscle imbalances at and around the shoulder- for example, a shoulder that is pulled forward due to tight muscles in the chest and weak muscles in the back.  Because we naturally use the chest muscles of the shoulder more frequently, a muscle balance can occur if we do not specifically exercise and strengthen the muscles of the upper back and the back of the shoulder.  This muscle imbalance causes the shoulder blade to be pulled up and forward, creating a smaller space for the tendons, bursae, and portions of some of the surrounding muscles. This situation creates pain.   How Does KT Tape Help? Scapula (or shoulder blade) taping is a very useful technique for reducing shoulder pain by equalizing muscle imbalance in the shoulder. This application helps to gently pull the shoulder back into a more balanced and anatomically correct position, often times referred to as “neutral”, which encourages the mid-back and lower trapezius muscles to do their job and anchor the shoulder blade back to the spine and downward.  As this application signals muscles in the back to reposition the scapula and therefore create more joint space, many causes of pain can be alleviated and the healing process can begin. What Else Can I Do To Prevent Further Pain or Injury? For prevention, one should implement an exercise program that focuses on strengthening the trapezius and rotator cuff muscles while stretching the muscles in the chest. This KT Tape application along with these exercises and stretching will address the causes of the pain, not merely the symptoms.  For further questions and information, visit the KT Tape facebook page.

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