So You've Been Sidelined this Winter; Now What

Winter can be a difficult time to have an injury.  You can be tempted to sit at home and mull  over your injury wishing it would just go away.  But you'll find that if you stay active in a safe way, you won't lose fitness while your injury heals.  We at KT Tape have a few suggestions.
  • Stick with your physical therapy.  It can go slowly at first and sometimes feel like nothing is happening, but by taking it seriously, you can get back into fighting shape faster.
  • Let KT Tape take some of the weight.  KT Tape offers full range of motion, is comfortable to wear and can stay on for up to five days.  It also increases circulation.  KT Tape offers support and stability without the bulk and discomfort of knee braces, ankle wraps or other sports support braces.
  • Let your body heal.  You will need to adjust your level of intensity, so listen to your body so you don't cause further injury.
  • Be aware of what you are eating.   You aren’t burning up as many calories as you were when  you were in full training mode.  Whole foods and proper nutrition will aid recovery.
  • Stay in the loop.  Just because you are injured doesn’t mean you are dead to the sports community.  Volunteer your time with something related to your activity of choice.
  • Switch up your workout.  If you are a runner who injured your knee, supplement your workouts with rowing or paddling.  The new activity will help you stay active so jumping right back into your training won’t be such a transition once you’ve healed.
  • Stay active, even if it’s not sports related.  Just don’t get sucked into a sedentary lifestyle.  Once you’ve healed, it is harder to train again if you have been playing couch potato.
  • Hopefully these tips will help you on your road to recovery this winter so you can have a great spring season.  KT Tape is there to help through the process.  We exist so that athletes of all levels can work through their pain to recover faster and more efficiently.  KT Tape allows full mobility of joints, muscles and tendons so your body can stay strong and limber as you heal. For taping instructions click here. For a KT Tape trained clinic near you, click here.