Taping for De Quervian Syndrome

KT Tape isn’t just for sports injuries.  It can be applied to treat a number of non sports related injuries varying from carpal tunnel syndrome to neck pain caused by sitting in front sitting at your office computer day in and day out.  With mobile devices becoming more and more a part of our lives, De Quervian Syndrome is becoming a more common injury. De Quervian Syndrome is an inflammation or a tendinosis of the sheath or tunnel that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb.  It can leave you with a painful, swollen thumb with swelling up to the thumb side of the wrist as well as stiffness and trouble gripping.  While the cause of De Quervian Syndrome remains idiopathic it’s theorized that repetitive movement of the thumb is a contributing factor.  So gamers and teenage girls be forewarned, too much use of that game control or mass amounts of texting could have you end up with injured thumbs.  If you should already have abused your thumbs into a painful, swollen state there is hope, KT Tape is here to help.  Following are instructions by KT Tape expert Steve Baca. Cut a 2" I strip in half, anchor base on back side of the thumb just proximal (closer to the arm) to the nail. Extend the MCP joint of the thumb (joint closest to the hand), and flex the joint in the middle of the thumb ( with the joints like this, it will look kind of like a Swan's neck). With 50% stretch, pull the tape toward the forearm and anchor the base ONLY, do not have the tape touch the skin in between the two bases, it will look like a bowstring. Lay the base down. Now flex the MCP joint and this will bring the tape that was originally not touching the skin into contact with the skin: apply. Now take a 2-3" full I strip, with tension in the middle (like a bandaid) and apply over the painful area. For other KT Tape applications instructions click here. For a specific application not listed on the website you can ask a KT Tape expert here. For professional application and to find a clinic near you click here.

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