Taping for Knee Pain

At KT Tape we make it a priority to ensure that everyone knows how to tape for their injury, no matter how general or specific it is. That's why we're always posting new instructions and video how-tos. However, one of the most common injuries our customers are taping remains General Knee pain. If you're experiencing pain in your knees after a run or just walking up stairs, check out these instructions. From the KT Tape website -- "KT Tape has been helpful for general knee pain, regardless of its source, through its ability to provide support without limiting mobility. KT Tape queues large muscle groups like the quadriceps to do their job in supporting knee movement. By creating surface tension on the skin over the area needing support, KT Tape creates a light, comfortable support structure that relieves pain and restores mobility." Step 1 With the knee bent at 90 degrees, anchor the "Y" strip below knee and apply the arms of the "Y" strip on either side of the knee. Only apply stretch to the tape on either side of the knee. Step 2 Apply a second "Y" strip by anchoring the tape above the knee and attaching the tape on the side of the knee. Only apply stretch to the tape on the side of the knee. Any points of  pain on the sides of the knee should be covered by tape. Step 3 Be sure to anchor the ends of both strips on skin as the tape will not stick well to itself.

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