When Shin Splints Get You Down, KT Tape Comes to The Rescue

When training for your first marathon, there are so many things you need to take into account and prepare for.  That's why the last thing you want to think about is your shin splints.  We received this great testimonial from Patricia Heuvel on how she discovered KT Tape and how it put her right back on track in her training for her first marathon on October 24th. From Patricia Heuvel: “After six days of dealing with shin splints, I am walking normal again thanks to KT Tape! I am running in my first marathon Oct. 24. With race day just four weeks away having to recover from shin splints does not fit into the training plan.   I have seen KT tape on athletes, but it wasn't until my husband, who deals with achilles pain, did some research last night that we actually considered using it ourselves. My husband, also training for the marathon, was heading out of town to play in a soccer match. He planned on picking some tape up and applying it before his game.   He sent me a text with his first impression. "first impression, tape is pretty decent. keeps things tight so you don't notice the pulling/stress." I couldn't wait to try it myself, but my training run wouldn't wait so I ran my scheduled 14 miles in pain.   My husband's second text "kttape gooooooood"   Upon his return my husband found me reclining in my lazy boy, shin compressed, ice pack on. He handed me the tape. I watched the instructional video one more time and viola! I felt relief INSTANTLY! I used the taping position for shin splint anterior and it worked immediately. I got up out of the chair and thought that nothing short of a miracle had just occurred!   Thanks KT tape for the video instructions and this miraculous product. I will recommend this to everyone I know!” Thanks Patricia for your awesome testimonial and good luck on your first marathon! Click here for full taping instructions.

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