KT Tape Extends the Benefits of Massage Therapy

KT Tape is always innovating and being used in a variety of fields and sports.  The ways KT Tape is benefiting people are seemingly endless.  From skateboarders to marathon runners, we are seeing KT Tape on virtually all sorts of athletes.  It is also being utilized in more and more professional ways in sports medicine.  We received a testimonial from a sports massage therapist in Austin, Texas who has been using KT Tape to extend the effects of her massage therapy.  Read her testimonial below.
  • I'm Nan Hofer of Austin Therapeutic Bodywork. I specialize in sports massage and deep tissue myo fascial release bodywork. I have been using KT Tape as part of my practice, and I've seen some amazing results from using these taping techniques post-bodywork. Kinesiology taping extends the effects of massage for 3-5 days and significantly increases the results of my work.
  •   Post massage, I rely on the tape's unique function of microscopically lifting the skin, which allows for an increase in the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. The result is a reduction in inflammation, swelling and pain. I have had great success treating frozen shoulder and rotator cuff issues, low-back pain and hip imbalance, IT band tightness, lower leg edema, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions using the tape in combination with bodywork treatment. Kinesiology taping can also enrich the desired neuro-sensory response, which is initiated during a bodywork session. Whether I'm dealing with a soft tissue condition that interferes with postural balance, a muscle-tendon injury, or fascial adhesions, the hands-on results are accelerated and the treatment is enhanced. KT Tape is a valuable tool to have in my therapeutic toolbox....one that I find I am using in more and more situations. Thanks for your great testimonial Nan! Nan is listed as a professional clinician on the KT Tape website, you can find information on her clinic by clicking here.