The Best Blister Prevention Products

The Best Blister Prevention Products

The team here at KT Tape loves to be active, whether that's running, biking, hiking, skiiing... the list goes on.  All those activities share a need for blister prevention, and nothing makes us prouder than knowing our products are helping keep our feet (and your feet) happy.  That's why we were so excited to see the recent Huff Post article titled "Best Blister Prevention & Treatment Products" featuring none other than our own KT Health Blister Prevention Tape!

blister prevention with kt tape

The authors recognized KT Blister Prevention tape for being rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, with many positive reviews from runners and others who have found relief from blisters by using this product. According to the authors:

"While originally designed for athletic performance, this blister-preventing tape can help anyone avoid blisters, chafing and hot spots. It's hypoallergenic and latex-free, so you don't have to worry about skin irritation. It's made with thin, flexible material with a rounded edge that lasts for up to two days. If it's good enough for athletes, it's definitely good enough for the rest of us!"


They even quoted happy Amazon shopper Mace Foster, who said:

"I'm a runner and wannabe triathlete. My go-to for Achilles hot spot has always been Bandaid fabric. I decided to try the KT Blister Prevention when I had to add an ankle brace that was making a raw spot on my Achilles, and was pulling my bandaid off. The KT tape is wider and longer than the typical 3/4 x 3" bandaid, and has no pad in the center. You get more area coverage and vastly better adhesion with the KT Blister Prevention. It also comes in a very handy flip-open plastic container so it's easy to stow and take with you. I am very happy with how well these stay on and the relief they provide from friction irritation."


Thanks Mace for the great review, keep running, swimming, and biking your way to triathlon success!


*Barrier tape has been shown to reduce occurrence of blisters.

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