KT Tape in Times Square Flash Mob for International Dance Day

To Celebrate International Dance Day last week, National Dance Week-NYC hosted its first ever flash mob in Times Square.  Peg Moore-Maioriello, owner of EmpireCityDance.com, Artistic Director of the FENIX dance company and a Master Teacher at New York dance schools, was one of the dancers in the flash mob sporting KT Tape to get her through the surprise routine!  Click on the youtube video above to watch the flash mob in action, and read below for more from Peg and how she uses KT Tape: I will be 53 in May 2011 and live as a “Body-worker”: dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, and coach in New York City.  I am very excited about KT Tape; I finally found the product in a running store in Bronxville, New York in November 2010. Once I had KT Tape, I could not stop testing it on all my “52 year old dancer” body parts.  I can tell you that KT is directly responsible for helping me through the last few months. I cut back on my classes due to the harsh winter we experienced in N.Y. and used KT for injury prevention.  I wear a back configuration almost continuously. Peg wore the KT Tape Achilles Tendonistis application while training for the flash mob.  Watch for Peg and all of her dancers at the New York City Dance Parade on May 21st, 2011- they will be sporting KT Tape in their company colors! And visit the Broadway Dance Center Facebook Page for more photos of dancers who love KT Tape!