8 Tips for Excellent Adhesion

8 Tips for Excellent Adhesion

It’s summer and things are heating up and getting sweaty.  So, it's a good thing that KT Tape is specially designed to withstand the elements and stay on for the long haul. 

For the ultimate in muscle and joint pain relief, follow these eight tips to ensure you are getting all the hold KT Tape is designed to give.

  1. Skin Prep: At least one hour before exercise, clean and dry skin vigorously to completely remove lotion, dirt, oils or  excess hair (rubbing alcohol works well).  If in humid climate, apply tape indoors to ensure moisture does not interfere with adhesive while it sets.  Clip excessive hair to 1/8” long for better adhesion.
  2. Time Prep: Apply tape at least 30 minutes before athletic activity or showering.  An hour is optimal.
  3. Round All Corners: For any application that requires cutting, make round cuts.  Round corners stay on skin longer and reduce fraying in the tape.
  4. Proper Body Position: Before applying tape, stretch the part of the body where the pain is presenting, according to instructions.  Failure to follow directions may cause the tape to pull excessively, resulting in premature loosening.
  5. Remove Backer Paper: Rip the paper on the back of tape to remove for application.  When removing paper from tape, rip the back and only remove as needed for application – don’t touch the sticky side of the tape.
  6. Tape Placement: Apply directly to skin – not on other pieces of tape – for stronger and longer lasting applications.
  7. No Stretch on Tape Ends: Do NOT stretch the ends of the tape.  The first and last 1.5 to 2 inches of tape should always be applied with no stretch, as these are the anchor points of the tape.
  8. Activate Adhesive: Before moving the taped body part out of position, use the waxy side of the backer paper to rub vigorously around all areas of the tape.  This can help ensure consistent adhesion across the entire strip of tape.

To find application instructions for your specific injury click here.

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