Back on My Feet Inspires

We all run for different reasons.  Some of us run for fitness, others for peace-of-mind or competition.  For some, running is more than just a daily jog--it’s life-changing.  At the KT Tape taping station at the Marine Corps Marathon, we taped the IT Bands of Chris Hatton.  Chris is a member of Back On My Feet and is the first member to run a marathon. What is BOMF?  Check out the explanation from their website below: Back on My feet is a nonprofit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of the homeless population by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem.  Back On My Feet does not provide food nor does it provide shelter, but instead provides a community that embraces equality, respect, discipline, teamwork and leadership. There are not labels, no stigmas and no stereotypes.  At Back On My Feet, all members – regardless of race, education or socioeconomic status – join together to move their own lives forward as well as the lives of their teammates. And, here's more on the BOMF website about Chris's story:
  As a BOMF member, runner, and yoga instructor, Chris is running for a cause. Eight years ago Chris celebrated his 26th birthday by running a marathon…within prison walls. After coming to transitional housing, gaining employment, and finding a family within Back On My Feet, Chris has gained the confidence and support he needed to run his first official marathon. Chris was released from nearly 14 years of incarceration a year ago in October and used the Marine Corps Marathon to mark the anniversary of his freedom and new found life. 'I’m running as a sign that not only I can make it, but that others can, too. The more time you spend trying to help somebody else, the more energy you have.' This idea is at the core of Chris’s thoughts and activities for today and tomorrow. Through running and yoga Chris has found a sense of community and support, friends and family that he knows he can count on when times are rough. 'Once I started running with the group, I felt a sense of family, a sense of belonging, a purpose greater than myself, a sense of support – a family that has really helped me get through a lot of things.'" We are so impressed and inspired by Chris’s story.  We’re happy to have been there to help support his knees and his journey as Chris marked a great milestone in both his life and for BOMF.  To read his full story click here. For more information on Back On My Feet click here.

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