Featured KT Tape Application--Foot Pad Pain

KT Tape has a lot of applications, some that are not as familiar as others.  Here is some information on foot pad pain and how KT Tape can help.  A lot of active sports are hard on your feet with a majority of the pressure during performance going to the ball of the foot.  With repeated impact, twisting and hard use, this area of the foot can become so painful that it's hard to continue any sports activities. The application for Foot Pad Pain can help promote circulation and speed up healing.  From the Instructions page on our website, our experts write: “Pain presenting in the ball of the foot can be caused by a number of different conditions including heel spurs, degradation of the plantar fascia, fat pad contusion, stress fracture, compressed nerves, or inflamed bursas. Typical treatment of these conditions includes most importantly rest and ice. Inserts and orthotics, as well as certain stretching exercises, can also provide relief. KT Tape can help to promote the healing process by providing support and enhancing blood flow to the area. It’s very hard for anyone to stay off their feet, so often times foot problems take a very long time to heal. Those who have used KT Tape to alleviate the strain they put on their feet and promote healing have seen great results and decreased recovery times. “ For professional KT Tape application, click here to find a KT Tape medical professional near you. For the complete list of KT Tape application instructions click here.

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