Have You Got Spirit? Lets Hear It!

Last month, Dr. Nate Bixby traveled with the Dakota Spirit Cheerleading Team to the JAMFest Cheer Super Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Dr. Bixby was on hand to keep the girls healthy through the event, and that included taping with KT Tape in the Dakota Spirit team colors!  Rather than allowing injury to detract from their performance or appearance, KT Tape enabled the Dakota Spirit athletes to compete at their best while showing their team spirit- Go Red and Blue! Dakota Spirit Teams won the both the Enfuego and Magnum National Championship, and were crowned as the Sportsmanship winner.  In the Enfuego they were grand champions for all of level 4! As a program, Dakota Spirit won JamFest National Philanthropic Contributor of the Year. In their first year of competition in the Ignite and Fury divisions, Dakota Spirit teams placed 4th and 3rd respectively.  And they placed 3rd in the Blaze and 9th in the Xplosion competitions.
Congratulations to the Dakota Spirit Team from Sioux Falls, South Dakota!  To view all of KT Tape's team colors, visit the KT Tape Store.

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