How Ironman Athlete Found Relief in KT Tape

We recently told you about Ironman athlete and KT Tape super fan Barry Siff and we are continually impressed by this man as he trains for triathlon after triathlon.  He rocks.  He recently wrote us a little back story about how he came to be such a believer in KT Tape. Barry has been racing marathons and triathlons for almost thirty years but when a knee injury and knee pain sidelined him he found relief in KT Tape and is now back and better than ever.  Barry writes this about KT Tape: I sustained a pretty painful knee injury in November, 2009, after running a half-marathon in Puerto Vallarta, MX.  I have been running marathons since 1981, and triathlons since 1986, and have never had serious knee pain.  Upon return to Boulder [home], I saw my acupuncturist, who specializes and teaches sports treatment, and has typically handled my aches and pains over the years.  He was unable to relieve me of my pain.  I subsequently saw my sports chiropractor, 2 physical therapists, and had x-rays done and analyzed … all to no avail.  I even took 2-3 weeks off from running – something I have not done in over 28 years of distance running! I then heard about KT Tape, and bought a roll.  My wife, Jodee, and I watched the online video, and applied the KT Tape for “runner’s knee.”  It provided me with significant pain relief, and I was able to run again with good results.  I wore the KT Tape for 2-3 months religiously.  I am a very active triathlete, I swim, bike or run 1-2 times every day, and I was amazed that the tape would stay on for 3-4 days, before starting to come off. I believe the KT Tape provided a level of stability for my knee, that resulted in minimizing the pain.  This was clearly noted when, on 2 occasions, we had removed the tape, and I ran without it.  I absolutely noticed an immediate recurrence of the knee pain. Ultimately, I returned to some different acupuncture treatments about a month ago, and my pain has pretty well gone away.  But, thanks to KT Tape, I was able to continue running, maintaining my base, from which I can now complete my training for this year’s Hawaii Ironman World Championship in October. Thanks for sharing your story Barry!  For more on Barry go to his website.

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