Ironman Athlete Testimonial

KT Tape was recently in Boulder, CO where we met Ironman athlete and serious KT Tape user/fan Barry Siff.  When we met him, we couldn't help but notice that his tape, while still holding strong, looked like it had been around the block.  And sure enough, he admitted that he had been wearing the same application during multiple long runs, swims, bike rides and strength workouts throughout the week.  The picture of Barry on the left is from the St. Croix Ironman 70.3; a Half-Ironman distance triathlon.  You can see his great tape-job on his knee. Barry wrote us, “Seriously great meeting you this weekend, and I do look forward to helping KT Tape in any way possible going forward.  I enjoy helping good people and good products.” Thanks Barry, we think you rock too. For more on Barry visit his website.