KT Tape Available at REI

REI has long been a staple for outdoor enthusiasts to find what they need to get outside and have fun.  If you have an injury, however, it can be a little disheartening shopping for new trail running shoes while all you can think about is how much your knee is going to hurt around mile three.  So, you'll be pleased to know that hiding among the vast selection of backpacks, ice picks, hiking boots and other gear, you can also find KT Tape. Whether you are a kayaker with a sore shoulder, or a rock climber with a jammed finger, or an adventure hiker with a bad knee, be sure to ask an REI sales associate to show you where to find the KT Tape.  Then head to the KT Tape website for clear, precise video or printable PDF application instructions for your specific injury. Don’t let a little thing like an injury slow you down from doing the things you love to do.  So gear up with your favorite outdoor products, along with KT Tape, and get outside and play. You can also purchase KT Tape on REI’s website.