KT Tape Instrumental in Success of 700 Mile Run for Good!

I recently race from the top of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island, Maine to the US Capital in Washington DC. The total distance was 705.2 miles. I covered this distance by running 50 miles a day for 2 weeks! I raised funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, the American Cancer Society and for Sandy Hook Elementary School. I arrived as planned on Presidential inauguration day on Jan 21. My hamstring tore in Newark NJ on Day 13. It was only because of KT Tape, which I had never used before, that I was able to continue this incredible journey. I covered over 200 miles on a badly severed hamstring and triumphantly reached my finish line thanks to KT Tape! It is a bit extreme but if KT Tape can help me do this imagine what it can do for you? You can learn more about my run here: www.maine2dcrun.com If you might be able to send along some KT Tape (address below) I will gladly add you as a sponsor of this run and/or become a sponsored athlete and tell everyone I know about the power of KT Tape! Thanks so Much! Sincerely, Gary Allen
race director
Mount Desert Island Marathon
1369 State RD 102 Suite 1
Bar Harbor ME, 04609

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