KT Tape is everywhere!

Easy to use and easy to find, KT Tape is available just about anywhere athletes shop for gear. Just about everywhere you look in the world of sports these days, you see athletes covered in kinesiology therapeutic tape. From the tennis court to the track, the swimming pool to the football field, athletes at every level, from elite to amateur, are getting pain relief and support in a long-lasting, drug free, comfortable package. KT Tape is also popping up at retailers worldwide, which makes it easier than ever to treat those aches and pains the moment THEY pop up. With easy to use instructions and pre-cut strips, KT Tape gives everyone access to pro-level relief at home. It's easy to see why KT Tape is the brand of choice for athletes and sports professionals everywhere. You can find KT Tape at nearly any of the big-name sporting goods stores, as well as thousands of local specialty stores dedicated to running, tennis, golf, climbing, you name it -- across the country. Sports Authority carries KT Tape at its 460 stores in 45 states, plus you can pick up a roll of KT Tape at any location of Dick's Sporting Goods, Big 5, Dunham's Sports, Hibbett Sports and Modell's Sporting Goods stores. Athletes around the world can now get their hands on KT Tape now too, as the company adds international distribution in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia and more countries to come. For exact store locations, check out the "where to buy" page on the KT Tape website, which includes an interactive map to help you pinpoint the nearest KT Tape location. If you prefer to do your shopping online instead, Target.com carries KT Tape, and it's been one of their top sellers. You can also get KT Tape at these online stores: Olympiasports.net, Eastbay.com, Lady Footlocker.com, Kids Footlocker.com, ChampsSports.com, FogDog.com, SportChalet.com, TeamStore.com, ProGolf.com, CBSSportsStore.com and ESPNshop.com. For your convenience, there are quick links to each of these stores on the KT Tape "where to buy" web page. Add a roll to your next order, you never know when you'll need it, and it's good to have on hand for all those unexpected aches and injuries. So the next time pain rears its ugly head, relief is quite literally just around the corner with KT Tape!