KT Tape Saves Gregg's Marathon

Success in Philadelphia! KT Tape attended the Philadelphia Marathon and while working our booth at the marathon expo we met, taped and interacted with thousands of competitors, consumers and race attendees in the City of Brotherly Love. In the midst, we met, Gregg Gambell, a serious marathoner whose whole experience and race was saved by KT Tape. Gregg arrived in Philadelphia the Friday before the race feeling fit, healthy and totally prepared for his fifth marathon. Saturday morning though was a different story. He awoke to excruciating Plantar Fascia pain in his right foot. He found that he couldn't put ANY weight on it at all. Obviously, not very promising for the marathon the following morning. After a few hours of stretching and rubbing his painful foot, he was able to limp the four blocks down the the marathon expo. There, he found his saving grace with KT Tape. After the staff at KT Tape booth taped his foot up, Gregg gingerly set out for a trial walk around the expo. "Miraculous is about the only way I can describe my experience with KT tape," Gregg said after he woke up Sunday morning with absolutely NO pain and went out and ran a personal best marathon time.  From not being able to walk to 24 hours later setting a PR marathon time is pretty convincing! Gregg further states, "had it not happened to me I'd be skeptical." KT Tape is proving to be a consumer favorite for drug free pain relief and a lifesaver to many athletes. Gregg is just one example of how KT Tape can be utilized for common injuries. The KT Tape team has been traveling extensively this past marathon season attending all the major races and cities. First time users and die-hard followers of KT Tape are finding the first-ever consumer brand of kinesiology therapeutic tape to be great for injury treatment, pain relief and performance.