KT Tape Testimonial from USA Marathon Mountain Biker

KT Tape Testimonial from USA Marathon Mountain Biker

Thanks to pro mountain bike racer and KT Tape lover Krista Park for this great testimonial on our Facebook page. Great job at the US Marathon National Champioships – Firecracker 50! Glad we could be there for you.

Krista writes:

Thanks for the help!  I qualified for the USA World’s Marathon MTB team this weekend while riding 50 miles of trail @ 9,600-11,300ft on a hyper-extended elbow. It’ [KT Tape] is awesome, I love the pink! I was already using KT Tape for a bicep tendon issue so when I hurt my elbow I used some for that.  I was able to stabilize the elbow by running one piece of tape down the front and one down the back.  It is crazy what a little pink tape can do!

Click here for full results from the race. And click here to tell us your KT Tape success story.

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