Runner crushes 1/2 Marathon time by 13 minutes with KT Tape.

Race Report by David Graves: When I signed up to run the Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon for 2012, I knew a few things for sure.  I knew the date, I knew it would take lots of sweat equity in training, and I knew that KT PRO Tape would play a major part in reaching this goal.

One of my mentors would often tell me, “A long term goal without a daily plan is just an idea.”  With a defined road map of running, water training, diet, lifting, stretching and KT Pro Tape I set out with a plan to reach my goal. After long runs, the routine included icing my Achilles while still wearing my KT Pro Tape.  The tape would stay on for days at a time.  I have great confidence that KT Tape Pro helps me train smarter and harder. I was thrilled to watch my times get faster, lift more in the gym, and the confidence I had when I would lace up my shoes knowing that KT Tape was there for me.

I flew into Chicago on Saturday morning, July 21st and headed straight to the expo.  After picking up my coveted bib and swag, I quickly found the KT Tape booth and waiting in line to be taped.  Joseph McCaleb did a wonderful job.  I lost count of how many people stopped me and asked “Excuse me, what is that on your leg?”  I love being able to share with others how they can train smarter and speed up recovery.

On Sunday morning, I lined up with 15,000 other participants to rock Chicago.  Temperature was warmer than normal and the event organizers were cautioning runners to hydrate and scale back their goal by 30%.  I am stoked to report I crushed my best Half Marathon time by 13 minutes! I love the word on the back of our medals: “finisher!”  Anyone can start a race but it takes dedication and commitment to cross the finish line.  One of the things I most enjoy about KT Tape, it allows me to recover faster from longer runs or strenuous workouts where I push to that next level.

I don’t train or travel without my KT Pro Tape.  People ask me all the time about it and the response is always the same –- KT Pro Tape speeds up my recovery and allows me to train harder and smarter.  You owe that to yourself.  Have a great run wherever you lace them up next!  - David Graves  



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