Shannon Freeman's KT Tape Success

We love to hear KT Tape success stories! Shannon Freeman, a marathoner we met at the Walt Disney World Marathon in Florida tells us that KT Tape changed her whole marathon experience.
With a training schedule hindered by knee pain, Shannon was nervous about her first marathon. She tells us that KT Tape was able to turn a potentially miserable first marathon into a wonderful experience. Since she was new to marathon running and had an injury, Shannon says she was a unprepared for the race. KT Tape enabled her to run full distance- pain-free; helping compensate for her poor race preparation. Shannon is so excited at the results that she’s already signed up for more races! “I ran my first Marathon, the 2010 Disney! Never got further than 13 miles during training without knee pain, used a sample of KT Tape from my goodie bag for the Disney Marathon. Ran 26.2 miles with NO pain. Thank You. Because of KT Tape I am registered to run 2 1/2 marathons in the next 2 months”-- Shannon Freeman KT Tape has been able to help thousands of people just like Shannon. Injuries can slow any training schedule and discourage folks from signing up for future races or even completing their programs.