Skaters Love KT Tape

The versatility of KT Tape is unending.  It has made its way into virtually every sport, offering pain relief and injury support for athletes of all kinds.  We recently received this testimonial from Nicholas Dunlop, a skateboarder from Venice, California. “KT Tape has helped me with the nerve damage in my forearm and my hands.  It’s like a helping hand then never stops helping.  Being comfortable is a big thing.  It is hands down the best wrist tape I have ever come across.  Up until now I was using boxers cloth tape and it is just not up to par.  My body loves KT Tape.  I also use it to hold my pads in place and on the inside of my helmet.” Nicholas belongs to the VSA (Venice Surf and Skateboard Association), which heads up the Venice Skate Park.  The Venice Skate Park is maintained by the skaters without funding form the city and was recently named the cleanest structure in LA County. Thanks for the awesome testimonial Nicholas! And keep on spreading the KT Tape love! For more information on the VSA visit their Facebook page here. Picture by Ray Rae

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KT Tape Pro Oxygen box front
KT Tape Pro Oxygen™
With Celliant® infrared technology
to increase cellular oxygenation
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KT Tape Pro packaging#color_jet-black
KT Tape Pro®
Ultra-Breathable Synthetic Fabric
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KT Tape Pro Extreme®
High strength water-resistant adhesive
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KT Tape Original Cotton
Original cotton breathable fabric