Testimonial Round-Up

Meeting with thousands of KT Tape fans from across the country at various marathons, triathlons and events it is easy to listen to peoples' stories of how KT Tape help change their lives. It's one perk of being a part of the KT Tape team-- hearing how our product improves peoples' lives on a daily basis. It really does feel like "Miracle Tape" at times! We are now making a special call-out to our Facebook fans for personal success stories and testimonials on particular injuries. This "KT Tape Promotion: Tell us your Success Story!" has some added perks too if you participate. We need testimonials from KT Tape users with the particular injuries listed below. Post your story on our wall between 6/21/10 and 6/28/10, and EMAIL your post to PROMO@KTTAPE.COM. In return, we'll email you back with a discount code for 2 rolls of KT Tape for $20! If you have any of the following injuries and a success story using KT Tape, please let us know! www.facebook.com/kttape -AC Joint Sprain
-General Elbow Pain
-Pain at Top of Foot
-Foot Pad Pain
-Peroneal Tendonitis
-Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
-Heel Pain
-Jumper's Knee
-Lateral/Medial Knee Pain
-Groin Strain
-Hip Flexor
-Gluteus Pain
-Rib Pain
-Middle Back Pain