The Last Days of Summer with KT Tape

Summer is officially over, and some of our biggest KT Tape fans just don't want to see it go.  KT Tape blog contributor Brady Lange laments from Portland, Oregon about how green KT Tape is easing the pain: Dear KT Tape: Summer has come to an all too early end.  I was hoping to end my summer season with some warm weather that would gently blend into a temperate brisk autumn, but no, that has not been the case.  This last week of summer has been cold, dreary and thwarted by torrential downpours.  I am not pleased.  This poor weather has made my daily runs a soggy affair.  Not that I’m not used to running in the rain (I do live in Portland after all) but I usually don’t have to prep for that until at least November. It seems as though Old Man Winter has attacked my precious last few days of summer and that is just not cool with me.  So what do I do?  The only thing I can do is fight back and refuse to let summer wither and die in such a pathetic manner.  I have been using a roll of black KT Tape for my knees this summer but I decided to go to REI and pick up a more summery color. I chose bright green.  I also busted out my classic Wayfarer shades and my shortest running shorts.  Sure I probably looked like a fool running on a cloudy day freezin’ my butt off in the rain with sunglasses, shirtless and with bright green tape slapped on my knees, but who cares?!  It’s about the principle of the matter!  Thanks KT Tape for helping me keep the season alive!  Viva La Summer! Thanks Brady, glad we could brighten your day, we hope this fall offers up some sunny

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